How to organize your project well

I told you already how was organized a project I was working on. I wrote also that organization of this project caused many problems in the time of developing. So, that's how would I organize it to avoid the problems we had: At the beginning should not be said, that application should be splitted in two parts. All functionalities should be briefly describe including all future possibilities (e.g. of functionalities joining). In this case developers could also make some concept planning and d...

How not to organize a web project

The web project about which I wrote you in my last post is a big application with dozens of functionalities and thousands of clients using it every day. This application has been developed for many years from many developers. One day, someone at the company, said, that it has to be rebuilt. After many years the application didn't looks modern enough and was probably not so attractive to new customers. Moreover there were many functionalities which were developed many years ago and they needed to...

When your code go wrong

Last year I changed my job. Why I did this and how it was looked like, I will explain in one of my next posts because in the time of my recruiting I found many companies and I want to analyze them a little bit. But for now, the most important thing is, that I started to work for some other company. Right on the beginning I was involved in the biggest project of our team - rebuilding huge web application. I was really satisfied because I could get to know all the database structures, tools the...

Difference between frontend & backend

I decide to write an article about difference between frontend and backend development, because both of these words are very popular in texts of job offers, but, as I realised, many people still don't know what these both terms mean. As I spoke with my friends and many other people on various meeting, many of them were still on the beginning of their programming way. They asked me how could I explain in the easiest way the difference between frontend and backend development. So I want to explai...